1. Introduction:

Welcome to Bolo Magic By Shree Mobile Shop. Please read these terms of service (“Terms of Service” or “Agreement”) carefully as they contain the legal terms and conditions that you agree to when you use the service provided by us through Bolo magic (“App”). Bolomagic.app which is referred to as “Bolo Magic”, “we” or “us” in the following document. By registering as a user on Bolo Magic, you are accepting our terms of service. Therefore, you must read and understand this document before using our services. This document may be subject to change in the future at our sole discretion as stated in clause 14 below..

2. Termination of Account:

Bolo magic By Shree mobile Shop reserves the right to terminate any account incase any fraudulent, abusive or unfair activity is observed from that account. In addition, accounts that are deemed to be "inactive" as per clause 11 may also be terminated. In case user does not provides us with a valid or serviceable email address, his/her membership will also be terminated. We also reserve the right to refuse or deny membership to any individual.

3. Referrals:

Bolo Magic currently pays you upto Rs.500 bonus of your referral cashback earning on Bolo Magic. This referral bonus is subject to change at any point of time as per the discretion of Bolo Magic. However, to get the referral bonus, the referred member must satisfy certain conditions and requirements: – Only genuine and unique referrals will be paid. – Referred member Shop Any items Get Your Commission Your Affiliate page. Multiple accounts or signups by the same user or any fraudulent signups will result in permanent termination of the accounts..

4. Payments:

Bolo Magic offers four modes through which users can request for their payments : - Upi (Online Transfer) - Wallet - Mobile/DTH Recharge - Shopping Vouchers / Gift Certificates/ Gift Cards.

Users can make a payment request as per their convenience once they have met a certain criteria. User can withdraw your validated cashback when you have at least Rs. 100 in his/her Account. In the event the Member decides to close the Account with us or the Member's Account is closed for any reason whatsoever, before reaching the initial Rs. 100 limit, there might be a small transaction fee to withdraw the cashback. Cashback payments by Upi carry an additional fee of Rs 30 and Rs. 20 for Wallet Transfer. This is charged by our Bank to cover administration and postage costs. We have the discretion to forfeit any such validated balance showing on your Account for the reasons provided elsewhere in this Agreement User must ensure to provide correct and updated payment details. PaisaWapas.com will not be responsible for payments made to incorrect destinations. PaisaWapas can also be not held liable for any delay in payments. In case any unusual or fraudulent activity is detected from any account, we reserve the right to place on hold all payment requests from that account indefinitely until further investigation or cancel any cashback accumulated till date.

5. Privacy Policy:

Our Privacy Policy dictates what information we may collect about you, how we may use it, the choices you have concerning its use and whether we share it with any third party. This Privacy Policy forms a part of this document, and by agreeing to the same you also give us the consent to handle your information as per the terms of the policy..

6. Intellectual Property & Copyright:

Bolomagic.app is protected by a copyright. Bolomagic.app solely holds all copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property rights pertaining to Bolomagic.app and its services. No one may copy, reproduce or distribute any part of this site with or without modification or any data contained within the site without our prior consent. No one may commercially exploit the identity, logo or services of Bolomagic.app..

7. Taxes, charges, and fees:

You are responsible for any taxes, duties, currency exchange fees, data charges, and related charges on purchases that you make as a result of or in the course of using any of the Bolo Magic Apps or Services.

8. Refunds:

You acknowledge and understand that transactions successfully made using any of the Bolo Magic Apps or Services are final. No returns will be accepted, and no refunds will be issued unless expressly specified otherwise in these Terms. In the event that a refund will be made to you after dispute and/or error handling as outlined in the sections on Disputes and Error Handling, the time frame to credit the refund to your bank or payment service account shall depend on the Payment Channel used or your bank or payment service provider.

9. Indemnificiation:

You agree to indemnify Bolo magic against all liability, loss, claim, demand, damage or expense that may occur: – In relation to the use of Bolo Magic – Any violation of the terms and conditions listed in this document Though, we take the utmost care and the most stringent measures to ensure that the information present on Bolo Magic is accurate and up to date, we do not take any liability for any error or ommision or any loss arising from the same..

10. Modification of Terms.:

We solely reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions listed in this document and post a new one, at any point of time at our sole discretion. Users will thoroughly be notified of any modifications and the new Terms of Service will come into effect no later than 30 days.

11. Inactive Accounts:

We reserve the right to terminate any inactive accounts. “Inactive” Accounts are those accounts which do not show any activity for a period of 30 Days. To avoid your account be marked as inactive simply log in to your account once every 30 Days. All the redeemable or pending cashback/Wallet Amount on inactive accounts will be fortified.

12. Miscellaneous:

In the event of our failure to act upon any breach of any provision of this Agreement will not constitute a waiver of our right to subsequently enforce such provision or any other provision of this Agreement. In case any part of this agreement is held to be invalid, the remainder of this agreement shall remain to be valid and enforceable.

13. Termination of Program:

We reserve the right to terminate the Program in whole or in part at any time with notice. In the event the Program is terminated, You will have thirty (30) days to redeem your Bolo Magic Cashback from the date notice is transmitted by Bolo Magic to the email address specified in Your Account, provided to bolo magic during Your registration with Us. We will not be responsible for failure to notify You of Program termination where such failure is caused by an inaccurate email address, or Your failure to check Your mails..

14. Virus Disclaimer:

We make our best efforts to rigorously scrutinize all the content posted on Bolo Magic. However, we cannot be held responsible for any kind of loss or damage to the data on your computer occurring while using Bolomagic.app.

15. Keeping this Agreement:

Bolo Magic will not file an Individual agreement for each and every user who registers on bolomagic.app. You can access this agreement from our website. It is recommended that you keep a copy of this agreement by printing or downloading it on on your personal computer.

16. Assignments:

You cannot assign any of Your rights, obligations, privileges, or performance hereunder without the prior written consent of Bolo Magic. Participation in the Program is personal to You. Bolo Magic Cashback received under the Program may not be assigned or transferred to any third party, except as expressly permitted by Bolo Magic, in writing. The sale, transfer, lending, exchange, pooling or barter of any Bolo Magic Cashback, other than by Bolo Magic, is expressly prohibited. Any Bolo Magic Cashback assigned, sold, or otherwise transferred in violation hereof may be confiscated or canceled.

When you first register for a Bolo Magic account, and when you use the Services, we collect some Personal Information about you such as:

  • The geographic area where you use your computer and mobile devices
  • Your full name, username, and email address and other contact details
  • A unique Bolo magic user ID (an alphanumeric string) which is assigned to you upon registration
  • Other optional information as part of your account profile
  • Your IP Address and, when applicable, timestamp related to your consent and confirmation of consent
  • Other information submitted by you or your organizational representatives via various methods
  • Contact Details:

    For any queries regarding our terms and conditions you may contact us through email. Please note that all communications under this Agreement are to be sent and received only by email. For this purpose, your notices should be sent via our contact email, and we will send you our notices at the email address you provide us when you register for an account on bolomagic.app. You can reach us on '[email protected]'.